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Vertebrae Collection

My memory of childhood brought me to make “Vertebrae Collection”.  The memory is about what I used to play and collected.  However I see the time with my adult’s view now.   Having translated my wooden snake toy to a line of small cubes I have combined minerals with my vertebrae lines. The minerals are also I used to collect as a child.  So many things were in my treasure box, which didn’t have much value in money but it was fun to fill with.  Now my memory works with my contemporary jewellery that has been transformed with precious and semi precious materials.

These vertebrae forms are a way of linking the organic and generative with the formal and mechanical. Geometric forms have a beautiful association with naturally generated structures.

Prices form: £30 - £250

Threads Collection

Threads collection has created details on each threads line in enlarged scale.                                                                                                                                                           I have developed my design from my drawings to 3D textile work and then it has moved into metal.  Rapid Prototyping has become one of the fastest growing artisan techniques in fine jewellery and silversmithing today.

I have worked extensively with threads and silks in my jewellery before by giving the threads a resin based armature.  This process was very successful in the short term however to provide the pieces with a permanent structure and wearable durability I have developed a rapid prototype range in pure silver with forms taken directly from my thread pieces. 

Prices form: £30 - £250

Mineral Collection

Mineral collection was born as a part of my Vertebrae Collection.  My interest in minerals has been extended to explore its own collection. The natural forms of stones are always individual and one off kind. 

Preciousness is subjective we know what is precious to us despite what is listed as being geologically rare or important.  These minerals are not precious but have the treasure quality that I feel when I own a thing that is rare to me or something that looks like it comes from a far away place.  These minerals preserve pleasure in a kind of childish sense and also accept its valuable status.

Prices form: £30 - £200



Nobuko also has been experimenting wax carving techniques to craft One of a  Kind items as well as developing her skill.  She works with individual gem stones and designs individually.

Please contact her, if you have stones which you are interested to give a fresh look.

Please feel free to take a look around.  If you need anything, just ask.

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